Prizelawn provides a complete line  of residential,commercial and industrial spreaders. We are especially proud of our riding model.

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100 lbs. Commercial/Professional Spreaders

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70 lbs. Commercial Spreaders

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Specialty Spreaders

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Belly Grinder BG 1

A highly accurate and adjustable shoulder-carry unit perfect for narrow areas and hillsides. Also used widely in greenhouses and nurseries. Light weight but sturdy.

Bigfoot BF 1

The standard BF l offers an epoxy powder coated frame with the ergonomic features of the BF l SS. It is an excellent quality, high-capacity spreader with fewer adjustments. All components contacting fertilizer are either plastic or stainless steel. Available as a tractor drawn model. Gear cover and hopper cover standard. Lifetime warranty gears.

Bigfoot BF 1 SS

Gear cover, third port control, auxiliary port control, spread pattern control standard.

Commercial Broadcast CBR IV

Epoxy powder coat paint gives superior rust protection in a painted spreader. All the features of the stainless CBRIV including upgraded tires, handle grab bar and reduced assembly time. Simple to use and highly accurate. Lifetime warranty gears. Gear cover and hopper cover standard.

Commercial Broadcast CBR IV SS

The fourth generation version of the "Commercial Broadcast" spreader offers a new ergonomic stainless steel frame with reduced assembly. Ready to go in half the time! Upgrades include Bigfoot tires and larger diameter axle, handle grab bar. Its single port design is familiar and dependable and its "bag and a half" capacity is perfect for most jobs. Gear cover and hopper cover standard. Lifetime warranty gears.

Commercial Drop CD36C

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